#1-Unlocking data-driven companies with unique datasets.

👋 Welcome to my #1 newsletter focused on data companies, data products, and data monetization.

One year ago I was contacted by a VC company. They wanted to work in a project of vetting more than 1500 different data companies with data products and give them insights about their unique data points, and databases this data suppliers had.

They were looking for an edge about the information that was not publicly available, to use in their due diligence process of startups selection and multi-vertical knowledge acquisition process.

Great project to be in. I was excited about the development of alternative data space, #dataproducts, #datamonetization, #dataenrichment as there was plenty of different business cases to explore in the data space.

“Examining e-commerce data is one of the most direct ways to determine the success or failure of a consumer product” Tammer Kamel, CEO of Quandl

The first sector that I tracked was the investors’ community, first buyers of alternative data.

“71% of asset managers believe that using alternative data gives them an investing edge over competitors” Greenwich Associates -2019 Research Study.

There was a trend of investment (M&A, PE Investment ) in Data aggregators platforms as Quandl bought in 12/2018 by Nasdaq. And later Investments received in Eagle Alpha, Neudata, Battlefin, Datarade, Amazon AWS Data Exchange, Ocean Protocol. Great data platforms and companies that are helping to vet unique datasets, and business cases of alternative data and data companies.

This space is growing exponentially as more companies with unique datasets are developing data products, developing data science teams to monetize the exhaust of their databases and increase revenue.

I have more than 15 years of experience in tech sectors, especially product-based sectors where hardware-electronics are one part of their products/services ( mobility, MedTech, IT, fintech, industry 4.0, robotics, transport, energy, control access, IoT, telecoms, lighting, e-commerce) a broad range of niche sectors with unique datasets where data buyers are going more and more to buy different data products.

I started this side project dadox.io to write insights from this position of technology knowledge of different product sectors and more data-driven companies.

This newsletter is the 1st idea, that I’m working on. I will structure this newsletter in 6 points ( Dadox name logic behind is for DAta-Driven Organizations X, and Dado in Spanish mean Dice).

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1 - M&A (Merger and acquisitions) Alt Data.

Here I will start an online accessible and collaborative google sheet, to track the latest acquisitions in the alternative data space, to track acquisitions of data products with unique datasets.

Link | If you miss relevant information Please let me know and will include it.

2 - Discovery. Alt Data Companies.

This section will be to discover new data companies and business cases.

I’m working with Dealroom.co with an alternative data list covering these categories:

  1. Location IQ (Geolocation / Satellite & Weather / Internet of Things / Store Locations)

  2. Company IQ (B2B, Business Insights, Intent Data, market intelligence, apps )

  3. Employment IQ (Jobs - Employment )

  4. Product IQ ( IP, Pricing, ads intelligence, consumer transactions, consumer credit)

  5. Social media IQ ( Social media, sentiment, reviews & ratings)

  6. DATA aggregators ( open data, data aggregators, marketplaces) 

3 - Events / News .



Archive Events: 2019

4 - Community / Key People to follow.

Sharing here key people to follow. Please share with me leaders in data space that you want to appear here. Thanks

Maria Grineva - Cofounder of ORB Intelligence - Acquisition from D&B |
Company IQ >>Database of company information for B2B marketing and sales

5 - Looking for >> Jobs/ Datasets.

Neudata (UK)>> Data Analyst- the data equivalent of fund of hedge fund analysts URL
SimilarWeb(London)>>Account Managers (Investors) URL
uDA Urban Data Analytics(Madrid)>> Data Platform Manager URL

6 - Which section/insights would you like here? (Interviews, Data trials, training, Sponsors…)

That’s all from now, this is v. of the newsletter and insights, …really i’m welcoming any useful feedback or anything that you would like to share with me, links, company datasets to include, jobs to share, events, webinars, key people to follow.. really hope that dadox in 2020 is one place of insights for the data ecosystem.

If you have any suggestions, please send them to hello@dadox.io!