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#day2.  Harbr 🔓 Data Ecosystem Platform. Accelerating Value & Monetization of critical assets.  

❓Are you in the process of sharing, collaborating and monetizing your data & models in the cloud?

Harbr >>> Mission is to accelerate the value and monetization of the most critical assets ( data assets). Providing full data lifecycle to customers, clients and partners.

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🆔 Info Company: 

-Founded: London (2017)

-Funded VC Investors: BoldStart VC, Acequia Capital, Crane VC, Backed VC, Seedcamp.

-6.5M$ Raised (Info by crunchbase)

Keywords: Data Ecosystem, Data Monetization, Data Exchange, Secure Data & Model Collaboration, Data Products

💬Quotes : 

Unlocking opportunity in the data economy…

“Harbr is the first platform that helps enterprises easily share, collaborate and monetize their data and models with any stakeholder on any cloud. Harbr is poised to unlock a massive opportunity in the data economy.” We couldn’t ask for better partners! Ed Sim, boldstart ventures,

the need in the market…

“Data is increasingly critical to finding opportunities for growth and assessing a range of risks. We support our customers’ digital transformation and automation by applying the most relevant modern technologies, like Harbr’s data ecosystem platform, to deliver our data and expertise to help customers make better decisions.”Gabe Arnett, Senior Director at Moody's Analytics,

and solution for helping enterprises be data ready and maximize new data exchange services and opportunities…

“Several data exchange services have recently been launched to help enterprises acquire and share data. At Harbr we’ve built a platform to fully solve this problem by combining aspects of a private data exchange with secure collaboration and automated, multi-cloud, data pipelines,” Gary Butler, Co-Founder & CEO, Harbr.

ℹ️Main Use Cases : 

Package & Monetize Data & Models for Data Vendors & Companies.
Data Collaboration for clients. Instead of sending data, packaging data for new services selling services, models or insights.

✅Clients / Partners: 

-Large Data Vendors.

✅More Info:

Contact Us: hello@dadox.io 

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