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#day4.  Location Intelligence📍
Advan >> Foot Traffic Hot-Spots Global Map 

Website: Advan

❓Are you tracking locations around the globe?

Advan >>> geolocation data enabling real estate brokers and investors, hedge funds, retailers, and other businesses to make better business and investment decisions.

🆔 Dataset Depth: 

-150MM POIs. Including every building in the US.
-20MM Business Locations.
-100MM+ Monthly Active Users.
-6 Trillion+ data points.
-1 in 4 US Smartphone Users.
-100+ Median data points / per user / per day
-Global Coverage
-Delay of only 1 day.

Keywords: Foot Traffic / Point of Interest / Location Intelligence / Location Data / Location Insights

Quick-Tag: Advan - Unmatched Analytics - 150 Million Point of Interest

ℹ️Main Use Cases : 

>>Foot-traffic HotSpots: Identifying globally individual blocks where people are gathering ( Multiple phones mobile phones intersect more than 15m).
>>Tracking Footfall in Locations: Hospitals, Stores, Hotels, Factories, Malls, Office Buildings, Airports, Ports.

Some Examples:

-COVID19: Week over Week Areas Opening.
Social Distancing. Areas where people are gathering in groups of 50 or more for longer than 15m ( Excluding residences).

-Starbucks Stores: Footfall in every Starbucks store, Checking against Opening and Close.
-Hospitals: COVID Insights- Checking how long phone is on the same place.
Phone =1 day (Visiting) 3 to 15 days ( An Admission to the hospital), >15 days ( Could be a doctor, nurse, porter or hospital worker)
-Warehouses Employees(Amazon). Number of Employees seen at Amazon Warehouses has a strong correlation (0.85) with company revenues.
-Manufacturing Production (Tesla) . Factory Traffic measuring Production.
-Wholesales Traffic (Costco). Traffic Leading Indicator of Revenue.
-Pre -COVID Events . Tracking Concerts (Garth Brooks Concert) , Sport Events (Panths vs Rams NFL, Superbowl 2019)

Clients / Partners: 

Real estate brokers and investors, hedge funds, retailers, and other businesses.

Sources INFO:
https://www.euromoney.com/article/b1llht8hglzxy9/how-alternative-data-spread-through-finance by Helen Avery, Peter Lee

✅More Info:

Contact Us: hello@dadox.io 

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