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❓Where is mobility recovering in Europe?

#day5.  Teralytics 🚶🚃 Mobility insight into the new era of travel.

Teralytics >>> Mission is to transform how people’s journeys are planned, operated and accounted for. And become a global marketplace for mobility insights.

🆔 Info Company: 

-Founded: Zurich (2012) Spinoff from ETH.

-Funded VC Investors: Robert Bosch VC, Deutsche Bahn Digital Ventures, Atomico, Lakestar, Innogy Ventures, Liil Ventures.

-Series D Company. Total Raised: 17.5M$

Keywords: People mobility, Mobility Insights.

🆔 Dataset Depth: 

-Telecom Network Data (wi-fi network, data location information based on cell tower pings (and wi-fi data incoming) combined with clickstream data from mobile devices.
-cover over a billion journeys.

💬Quotes : 

Unlocking opportunity in the mobility economy…

“The way people move changes rapidly and we look forward to shaping it together with Teralytics”

Telecom network data powered analytics to help mobility providers, cities and transport services understand, predict and improve people’s journeys.

 RBVC Managing Director Dr. Ingo Ramesohl

the need in the market…

“There is a need for unbiased, all-encompassing insights into people’s journeys across all modes of transportation, in real-time. Human mobility is changing beyond recognition”

the future…

The next ten years will bring a seismic shift in mobility technologies”Alastair MacLeod, CEO at Teralytics

ℹ️Main Use Cases : 

🦠Governments look to re-open their economies: Analysis of travel Hubs.

Government Urban Planners/ Mobility Planners: Insights/ Analysis of People movements travelling around the country. Long trip / Short trips during day analysis.

Transport Providers: Large operators to minimize the money they spend on operating whilst at the same time improving the service of customers.

Operators: Analysis of Capital Plans for next 10 years investment in infrastructure.

Reshaping City Infrastructures: electric and autonomous cars, transport space as ride-hailing providers, station-free bike-sharing startups

Patterns of behaviour.

✅Clients / Partners: 

-mobility providers, cities and transport services






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